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Our Summer ❤

I thought that Id give a more detailed insight to some of the places we have gone to this Summer.

Cbeebies Land/Alton Tower

We were unsure as to how much Ellie would be able to do at Cbeebies Land as she was just 9 months old but we got very cheap tickets (£11.50 for all of us!) and thought we would try her anyway.

We had an amazing day out, Ellie was really well behaved and didnt even seem bothered when we had to queue for rides. There was more than I expected that a baby could do and we made full advantage of what Ellie could do. We went on a Postman Pat ride which was as exciting as going to the dentist. We then went to watch The Furchester Hotel Live which as its one of our favorites I was really excited about it. The show was brilliant and so interactive for the slightly older kids however Ellie loved watching the puppets move across the stage. My only annoyance was that you can take pictures or even have an option for a paid picture of the puppets at the end. The SeaLife at Alton Towers was also amazing, Ellie loves fish so this was a huge hit for her (it even kept her awake through nap time!) The biggest queue we faced was for the In The Night Garden boat ride which was about 45 minutes wait. Once on it though the ride is quite sweet and you get to see all the characters from the show, again Ellie seemed mesmerised at how they were there but she couldnt find the TV ha!

Overall this was possibly one of the best days out we have had. I would certainly recommend it to anyone with kids however young ❤


Our first family holiday was in Pensarn, North Wales thanks to Lukes Nan who owns a caravan down there. Most people would tell you its risky taking a young child on holiday and after ours I really wouldnt advise it! Ellie screamed non stop from the Saturday to the Wednesday morning. It was hell, we took her to a few nice places and ended up going back to the van as it was the only place she could be held and would stop crying. We were going to come back home on the Wednesday yet she suddenly became the happy girl we are used to so we stayed the rest of the week and she loved it. We took her to Rhyl and Llandudno, she had her first trip to the sand and sea and hopefully learnt that sand isnt lunch 🙈!

It was so nice just being our little family of four. I know we look like a family of three but I know my Son is with us wherever we go too. We walked along the coast in the evenings, ate far too much and celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary and the anniversary of the day we got together 11 years ago! As a whole the holiday had more ups than downs and Im glad Ellie got to enjoy the sea air as much as we did. ❤

Wonderland – Telford

To be honest this was the trip I was most looking forward to, I loved going here as a kid and couldnt wait to take Ellie so when we managed to get some cheap tickets (£5 each pretty much same price as Cbeebies Land!) we jumped at the chance. Unfortunately I was deflated as we walked around the wonderland houses. They were looking old and rundown, paint coming off and they hadnt really changed in 20 years. I was so disappointed, they have added “attractions” such as dinosaurs but again, they were things we climbed on in the giant sandpit at the park and needed bringing back to life. Ellie wasnt really interested, partly because of her age i must add, so we got round the park in about an hour. It wasnt great for pushchairs but does have pushchair paths where stairs are.

The whole idea of Wonderland is amazing and the maze and rides near the end of the park is great for older children however I was expecting the nursery rhyme houses to be more up-to-date.

Hoo Farm – Telford

We went to Hoo Farm last week as we wanted to see how Ellie reacted to the animals. We desperately want to take her to Chester Zoo but didnt want to a lot if she wasnt going to like it. She actually quite enjoyed seeing some of the animals and as we took my brother he gave her the entertainment too.

There isnt much at Hoo Farm but you can feed the animals which is a nice bonus. We felt the price was a bit steep at £9.95 each as we had seen everything, had our packed lunch and Ellie played in the indoor play area all under 2 hours. Again Ellie is little and doesn’t have a big attention span which is partly why we got round so quickly but I still thought the entry fee was high.

The animals were well looked after which was obvious and there were some unusual animals too, its fab for young children if they wont walk around the bigger zoos.


Wife & Mum of 2; Jason born and died 29/03/15 and Ellie born 01/11/16. Hoping to break the silence around baby loss and the journey of parenting a rainbow baby one blog post at a time.

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