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Trespass Ladybird Reins Backpack

Once Ellie started walking more I knew it wouldn’t be long before we needed some reins to give her a bit more independence but also that we could have our hand on her at all times and she doesn’t wander off. 

I felt completely out of my depths looking as there are so many different types of Reins and brands to look at. I decided to have a look on Argos at their range of harnesses and reins as I didn’t want to spend much. This is where I came across the Trespass Ladybird backpack, which is only £6.66 at the minute, I had a look and thought wed give it a go. At £6 it doesn’t matter if its not quite right for us.

The fact that this backpack has a 5 star rating on Argos gave me reassurance so I ordered it and couldn’t wait for us to try it out.

Ellie is pretty good and is happy to put her arms through the straps and she let’s us buckle her in at the front. The straps adjust which is great but Ellie is still quite short so its still a little bit big on her however it doesn’t come off her shoulders so does the job perfectly well. The product description stated from 12months so I knew it would be suitable for Ellie now. Not only does this backpack give Ellie a bit more independence it only has a zip pocket which has a 3 litre capacity (perfect for when she starts nursery…not until she is 3 though). I do think if I put anything in there at the minute she might tumble over so we haven’t tested out how much she can carry. The trepas ladybird reins are suitable for 12 months to age 4 and I do love a product with a long usage attached! Nobody wants to keep spending money on something every few months and the quality is fan which makes me think we’ll get a lot of use out of it before Ellie turns 4. 

My only criticism is the handle. It clips on to a little tag by the handle and is really secure, no worries about it becoming detached and Ellie wandering off on her own. However the wrist strap isn’t adjustable and for someone with quite small wrists I have to hold on to it or wrap it around my hand a couple of times to make sure I don’t drop it. I’d have preferred a Velcro strap that could fit safely around my wrist.

I love the design and the functionality of the backpack itself and for £6 it really is worth more than its price. Ellie enjoys walking with it on but hasn’t gained enough confidence to let go of our hand when outside yet…but I am looking forward to that day and making sure my back doesn’t hurt anymore from the bending.

If anyone wants to see the Argos link it is here Trespass Ladybird Reins Backpack


Wife & Mum of 2; Jason born and died 29/03/15 and Ellie born 01/11/16. Hoping to break the silence around baby loss and the journey of parenting a rainbow baby one blog post at a time.

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