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Jason’s Legacy

It is no surprise to anyone who knows me that my main goal as Jason’s Mum is to ensure his legacy lives on and that his name and his story is spoken. This is so important to me, if he was here his story wouldn’t be written yet so why should that be any different because he didn’t get to start it? Jason’s story lives on through the fundraising we have done in the past and will continue to do in the future.

To celebrate Jason’s 3rd birthday I wanted to hold a raffle raising money for the three charities that have helped us so much since Jason died. I wasn’t sure how well we would do or whether anyone would be interested at all. Yet now that is has ended I am so overwhelmed by people’s generosity, not just those that have “entered” the raffle and donated but also by the companies, insta shops and friends who have donated raffle prizes too.
I wanted to write to each person individually and thank them for helping make the raffle a huge success and thought a blog post would be the easiest way, I will link each “thank you” with the person’s website, FB, IG or Etsy page for anyone wanting to know more.

Milk Making Mama were found on IG and show huge support to women who feed their babies, whether it is breast, bottle, whatever and their shop has a huge range of pins and patches celebrating the liquid love of all women ❤

Isabella & Us were again found on IG when the company had just started out. Isabella’s Mummy has set the way for a new kind of “milestone card” that are easy for parents to use and have a whole new meaning of what a milestone is. Not just for those baby milestones but also for mummies, daddies and toddlers too!

Milk.Mutha Dommy is a huge supporter of women, her clothes and pins show this too! I love following Dom as her whole IG shouts about what being a Mum is all about, she is honest and the Milk.Mutha slogan “Embrace Who You Are” should be written on everyone’s brains to remind them of how cool we all really are!

Betty Ratbag again I love following this Mama on IG because she really is honest about motherhood and how it can feel postpartum. Her doodles as she calls them spoke volumes to me, especially being a loss mum, the anxiety, the stress and the grief is always there. She is another wonderful Mama who is pushing to normalise breastfeeding and although I am a Mother who never has BF I admire the way she is pushing the boundaries for those who do. I also have so much envy because she is the tattooed mama I always wanted to be but am too scared of the pain!

More Than A Mother This amazing business has raised over £250 for SANDS from the sale of her pins and she continues to raise more, not just for SANDS but other charities too. Her Tired Mama pin is one of the best pins I own because it sums me up in one. She runs the show on her own while being a fab mum herself!

The Story Of Books The books that were donated (and been sent out to winners!) were kindly donated by Gail at Story Of Books. They create personalised books about child loss, baby loss and other losses such as the loss of a parent, grandparent etc. I know from the baby loss community who have ordered these books how valuable they are and how they share the story of their loss in a gentle and loving way.

Sketchy Muma Anna’s drawings are incredible! I first came across Anna while stalking Elle and Teddy’s story. Anna’s sketch “The Teddy Print” was exclusively designed to raise money for Teddy’s Legacy Fund created by Elle.

Ella’s Kitchen Again, it is no surprise to anyone who knows me that baby food pouches have saved my bacon more times than I’d like to admit and now at 17 months it is the only way I can get any type of veg in to Ellie. I love the Ellas Kitchen pouches because they have so much flavour and I haven’t found one yet that Ellie won’t at least try.

Uki.Be Teething I got very excited when Uki.Be offered two of their bestselling products as raffle prizes in Jason’s Legacy Raffle. I knew their award winning teething toys would be the reason a lot of my new mummy friends would consider entering too and I’d heard such great reviews from other IG mums that I follow about how amazing their products are too! I can’t wait to see what our winner has to say about them.

Love For The Mama Kayla is another one of those inspiring women that I am glad I found on IG. Her page is full of support for all mums and her goal is to help other mums appreciate themselves. She sets up regular #mummymeets in Birmingham (which I would attend if I didn’t hate train journeys as it is so close to Telford!) and her tees have the best slogans.

Prenderland Books was set up with a mission to get children to enjoy reading. Something that is a huge passion of mine, I just love that even at 17 months Ellie chooses to sit with a book and gets us to read to her whenever she finds one. Not only has she created flashcards that help with reading and numbers but she also enjoys reviewing books and offering advice on books kids will love too.

The Bees Knees Kelly is yet again another IG mama that makes me smile. Her videos are amazing and in between all the giggles she has created a journal like no other!

When You Wish Upon A Star Abi is a warrior. Like me, she is surviving the loss of her Son Lucas while mothering her two beautiful girls, blogging and owning her own business too…okay not like me much at all but you get what I meant! I am secretly so jealous that I couldn’t keep the foil prints Abi sent me because they are perfection. Every product is made with babies in mind and creating those perfect keepsakes.

Inspired By Evelyn Jemma who owns this business is a geek mum just like me. Her handmade products are perfect for any geek; Lego, Star Wars, HP, Superheroes, Disney…literally everything a geek would want! I adore her prints and Lego frames so much.

Lovely Ink Prints Emma’s personalised prints and illustrations are what make Lovely Ink Prints so unique. I wish I’d have found Emma before setting up Ellie’s bedroom as I know I’d have chosen so many of her monochrome designs.

Alternative Milestones I love the alternative milestone cards because they are proof that no matter how many people like to believe motherhood is perfect, it simply isn’t. These cards are perfect for those times when you want to capture those not so special moments (like each time Ellie poos in the bath!!)

DiskoKids Disko Kids clothing shouted out to the music lover in me, their music inspired clothing is amazing. They are also supporters of charity and had raised money for Winston’s Wish through the sale of their clothing.

Moments & Memories This instashop offers personalised prints for those special occasions.

Rhythm Time This Telford based baby group is run by two lovely ladies who didn’t just offer one prize but two! Rhythm Time is based solely around music and offers a range of multisensory activities during their sessions. I love the idea of developing children’s education through music.

Hartbeeps Telford/Shrewsbury we 💜 hartbeeps! That’s no secret, its the first baby group I attended where I felt at ease, baby loss can make you feel a bit like the plague in a group full of mummies and for the first time I didn’t feel like that. The use of props and music makes this group an exciting hour which focuses on spending quality time with your child.

Golden Bear Toys I love that a company that creates many of our children’s favourite characters in toy form is based in Telford and is so successful!

Fox & Farley Photography & Victoria J Photography two amazing photographers based around Telford who have taken pictures of two very close friends that look so professional. 

Baby Sensory Telford multisensory class that focuses on baby development. Baby Sensory is exclusively for babies to 13 months.

Jungleland (Soft Play) Based in Telford, Jungleland is the biggest soft play area in Telford. There isn’t much you can’t do! Ellie loves the sensory room and the slide in the toddler area so much. I love that the toddler section is also separate to the baby area too.

Rays Farm Based in Bridgnorth, Shropshire; Rays Farm is home to lots of farm animals as well as having woodland walks, soft play and outdoor areas for play too.

Wonderland Telford Another Telford attraction, I have such fond memories of going to Wonderland as a child. A woodland attraction based around nursery rhymes and fairytales. It also has rides, a maze, indoor soft play, crazy golf and their own Christmas winter wonderland. 

Grazing Cow Telford A modern British pub serving a selection of rotisserie style chicken and other pub classics. There is also an outside play area for those summer months.

Airea 51 Telford The UKs newest indoor adventure park and the first in Telford! With 54 trampolines, parkour, gladiator beam, toddler zone and so much more to do. 

Pirates & Princesses Fun Zone Telford (soft play) for me Pirates and Princesses has the best sensory area in Telford! I love that the under 2s section is still quite big and has a pirate ship!! Ellie loves the slide in the bigger area too! She can access the whole place at just 17 months old and always has a smile while she is there. 

The Place Theatre Telford with lots of offer at our local theatre from kids shows, plays, pantomimes, live music and wrestling there really is always something to see. 

Pheasant Inn Telford A local pub and restaurant in Telford that serves lovely food and serves a great selection of beers and wines. The Inn also has a function room separate to the main pub and hosts all kinds of parties.

A huge thank you to every single person who offered these prizes, for a first time raffle organiser the whole thing was made easier with their help.

In total the raffle made:


And on behalf of myself, Aching Arms, Hope House and The Shrewsbury & Telford NHS Trust, I thank you all ❤


Wife & Mum of 2; Jason born and died 29/03/15 and Ellie born 01/11/16. Hoping to break the silence around baby loss and the journey of parenting a rainbow baby one blog post at a time.

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