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A couple of weeks ago I joined up to take part in Pampers new campaign to test out some of their Nappy Pants. I literally jumped at the chance as since Ellie was born the only nappies that have suited her are Pampers.

Pampers are trying to prove that their Nappy Pants aren’t just for toddlers and I’ve got to say I absolutely 100% agree!

I’ve never been a fan of taped nappies and as soon as Ellie started to wriggle I began using the nappy pants. I can’t quite remember how many months old she was but I do remember having an incident involving the nappy pants when we were still trying to figure out whether Ellie was CMPI or not so it must have been around 5/6 months old.
The incident in question was the first time Ellie had pooped in her nappy pants (actually it was the very first time we used nappy pants) and I hadn’t realised that they had the tear at the sides to get them off easily. Oops. Now I’ve always been quite open and this is no different but when Ellie was still on SMA formula she suffered really bad with diarrhoea and I found no matter what brand or sized nappy I used she would leak out of them all.
When we first used the nappy pants I was so surprised that at a 2am wake up call she hadn’t leaked out of the sides or up the back (which was a not so rare occurrence!) but everything was safe in her nappy. RESULT! Or not…as in my tired state hadn’t really thought about how I was going to get the pants off without smearing it everywhere and still not knowing that they teared away for ease I pulled them off and then had a VERY sad baby, a grumpy husband at being woken up, poo smeared all over the changing mat and all over Ellie’s legs which meant I then had to bath her. To say I was relieved the next time she did one and I knew how the pants worked would be an understatement!

Ever since that incident we have LOVED Pampers Nappy Pants. Ellie has always hated having her nappy changed due to the pain she used to be in she now rarely lies on her back long enough for a complete change. As soon as we lie her down she wriggles, screams, kicks and runs/crawls off as quick as she can. I’m sure our neighbours would say we were torturing her! Ever since she has been standing we have changed her standing up making tabbed nappies impossible to use.

Nappy changes aren’t so much of a fight any more. They are quick due to just pulling them up; they don’t involve *much* running away and I don’t have to wrestle Ellie to stay lying down. I have found they don’t leak, the are soft and don’t leave marks and Ellie finds them really comfortable too. She has even started sharing one of her sample nappies with her Dolly (awww). I feel like I am winning the wriggle wrestle and it’s all down the Pampers Nappy Pants.

(Yes although I was #gifted these pants for offering my opinion this is my actual opinion on them too!)


Wife & Mum of 2; Jason born and died 29/03/15 and Ellie born 01/11/16. Hoping to break the silence around baby loss and the journey of parenting a rainbow baby one blog post at a time.

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