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Every love story is beautiful…

But ours is my favourite. ❤

So apparently today is #husbandappreciationday and I thought this was a good opportunity for a little back story. Hubby doesnt really get much of a mention on here, not on purpose of cause and when you have children I guess love kinda takes a back step while family life takes control. I try to make sure Hubby knows he is loved beyond words but as a working mama its hard finding the time for each other.

So here is our story: 2006

It all began with a 15 year old’s Myspace page really. My best friend at the time convinced me to join and we would spend hours listening to random bands we would find and adding new friends we’d met up town at the weekend. I had come across a random guy from my hometown who liked the same type of music as me and decided to add him. We started talking about the band on his profile (Atreyu) and that they did a cover to a Bon Jovi song I liked. We started talking regularly online and I found out he was actually going to the same concert as I was. Okay so my Dad was taking me to see Bon Jovi/Nickleback in Coventry and this guy was going too. Obviously not a great place for a first meeting but I looked out for him anyway (just in case). The concert was a sham but I do think I spotted him and messaged him that night. Over the months our friendship grew and we decided we would meet up. 3rd August 2016. That day we both took friends with us to be safe. I forgot to mention that the guy i added was a couple of years older than me and a college student while I was just going in to my final year at Secondary school. I would in NO way condone what we did that day and wouldnt recommend meeting people off the internet ever but we were friends so i didnt see the harm in it as i could have  met him in the street.


After 6 months of being together and knowing this older guy wasnt just after a quick fling I decided to tell my  parents about him. They met him quite quickly as I knew if he couldnt accept my brother then he wasnt going to be around long. Everyone hit it off straight away and my brother instantly fell in love with him too!! Which was perfect. My first real boyfriend and everyone really liked him.


5 years later; we’d already been spending every night together sleepin at each others houses. We even had a rota of which night we would sleep where to make it fair on the other. It worked but wasnt ideal. I didn’t drive so Luke was having to drive me back and forth. We’d been on lots of holidays; barmouth, paris, bruges, disneyland paris but that year Luke had excelled himself by booking a romantic trip to Germany to see the Bavarian castles. We travelled all around the black forest, visited castles, german christmas stalls (in summer) and walked for miles. Our final destination was to visit the castle that Walt Disney had based Cinderellas castle on; Neuschwanstein. It was magnificent, I would recommend any disney fan to go and see it. We stood on the balcony overlooking the back of the grounds when Luke proposed. It was so subtle and took me completely by surprised that I ruined the moment by looking at him and saying “uh” as I hadnt heard him and he had to repeat himself. Poor man should have ran off then really. It was a lovely way to celebrate though and I wouldnt want it any other way.


Moved in together ❤ our first place was a beautiful apartment in an old converted chapel. It was huge, open pplan, first floor apartment and perfect for our first home. Yes it was rented and it had some issues but it was ours. We then moved in to a 2 bedroom house not far from the first place. We wanted a space that was just ours. No feet upstairs, noone coming home randomly at 3am and waking us up. I loved our second home so much, looking back in was quite small for a 2 bedroom but with it being just us it was plenty. Our second home will always make me feel happy and sad, I never wanted to move out, our second home was where Jason was born, it was the only place he was alive. Its where we made plans of our future, our family home, we had a nursery and all the room we needed for now. When Jason died it was the only place I felt close to him and when Luke said he couldnt live there any more I was gutted. I knew I couldnt imagine living somewhere that Jason wasnt a part of but I also knew how I couldnt stay. To this day I want to knock on the door and ask to sit in the new tenants bathroom and just feel him there. When the time came to move, we moved in to Lukes Nans house. Its our forever home (hopefully) and we love it here. Its big enough for Ellie and us to live happily but I have gone off topic slightly and will get back on track.


We got married ❤ a perfect ceremony with our family and friends and the day I married my best friend. It took us 8 years to get married but it had already been the best 8 years. I knew this guy i randomly added on Myspace was the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, forever and always. We danced our first dance as husband and wife to Papa Roach – No matter what and never envisaged how exciting the next chapter of our lives would be.


We found out just weeks after the wedding day that I was pregnant so our wedding was quickly forgotten about as we made new plans for our baby who just couldnt wait to join us. From the first day we had talked about how much this baby wanted to be with us. So excited in fact that he decided to arrive as quick as he was conceived and was born 5 weeks early. You know Jasons story isnt a happy ending and I wont write it again but at this moment I knew my husband could help me get through anything. It was at that moment I fell in love with him alk over again. He is my rock and without him I wouldnt get up in a morning without crying. In 2016 Ellie was born and we finally got to take our baby home. Again i wont go in to detail as this post is about us but watching Luke with his daughter gives me those first date butterflies all over again. He has always been an amazing boyfriend/husband but now he is also a fantastic dad too.

Our story isnt over; one day I will be writing from our rocking chair talking about our grandchildren and he will be by my side.

I appreciate him for everything he has ever done for me, my family and our children. I love him because he is funny and witty and and annoying arse sometimes. He makes me laugh, cry and he can make me so angry at times but we are all only human and love is about taking the good with the bad and coming out stronger than when you started.

Most people dont get to meet their soul mates early in life but I met mine at 15 and I wouldnt change a thing.




Wife & Mum of 2; Jason born and died 29/03/15 and Ellie born 01/11/16. Hoping to break the silence around baby loss and the journey of parenting a rainbow baby one blog post at a time.

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