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Charity Shop Christmas

It was hubby’s first day off today and officially we have started our summer holidays!

We kicked off the hols with a drive to Bridgnorth, its about 20 minutes away from where we are but we’ve never actually been. Hubby has discovered the joys of bargain hunting since changing his job and taking a huge pay loss and wanted to have a nosey in some good charity shops.

We were undecided between Bridgnorth or Shifnal and as bridgnorth has significantly more shops (Shifnal is very small) thats where we headed.


Ellie slept in the car which is giving me hope she will sleep when we are driving to Wales for our holiday but whos kidding she probably wont that day 😂. We woke her when we got there and she loved people watching in Greggs. We had to stop for a greggs breakfast deal of cause.

I have always enjoyed finding a good bargain, usually in poundshops and have never really gone out to specifically look in charity shops (the ones in Telford never seem very good for toys.) Yet we found so many things and Ellie got excited shouting “me me” at every thing we saw. We picked up quite a few bits to take on holiday to keep Ellie entertained in the caravan, no wifi means no peppa pig so we need plenty to stimulate her and we certainly found some great toys.


Everything except the Disney Junior ereader will go on holiday with us. The e reader is being stored for christmas or birthday as it looks brand new. While Ellie is so young I am all for charity shop toys as she rips and breaks things so easily and we find things dont stimulate her for as long as they should. Shes always been such a curious bean that she flitters between toys quickly.

I have spent ages looking for those sticker books with the reusable stickers for her as she loves placing stickers everywhere so I did get excited to see the Peppa and Ben and Holly Magnet books for £1.50 each. We got all this for less than £15 which after selling Ellies old cot mobile literally cost us nothing!!

Id love to hear about your bargain buys or any money saving tips you have to keep the kids entertained over the summer ❤


Wife & Mum of 2; Jason born and died 29/03/15 and Ellie born 01/11/16. Hoping to break the silence around baby loss and the journey of parenting a rainbow baby one blog post at a time.

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