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Ellie’s First Ready Bed

While planning our holiday I desperately tried to think of a solution to our sleeping arrangements. Ellie still doesn’t sleep all night in her own bed, I could probably count on one hand the amount of times she has since she was born, and I remembered we found it difficult last year as the bed in the caravan is smaller than a normal double bed and Ellie has grown considerably since last year! I knew we wouldn’t all be able to sleep but I also knew Ellie wouldn’t sleep in her own room which is when I came across the MyReadyBed range.

The MyReadyBed comes in different sizes and their first readybed is recommended from 18 months plus which was great as Ellie has just turned 20 months. I loved the different character designs you could have but found the jungle design was actually cheaper (you always pay for the name right?) and as I wasn’t sure how Ellie would take to it I really didn’t want to pay more than I needed to. I had planned for it to just be used while we were away, although I would be lying if I said I didn’t REALLY want the Peppa Pig one but hubby talked me out of it as it would be far too stimulating for a Peppa obsessed toddler.


I ordered Ellie’s My First Ready Bed from Argos and surprisingly it was available to pick up the next day (our local Argos don’t seem to have anything in stock…ever!!)

“The My First ReadyBed has an inflatable inner with a soft cosy cover.  It also has a soft integral bed head for extra comfort and safety. There is a handy pocket to keep your favourite stories safe while you sleep.   The cover can be easily removed for washing. This inflatable bed comes with an easy-to-use pump so that it can be inflated in minutes, plus each bed has its own integral carry bag which makes transporting the bed easy. Perfect for nights at home and trips away, ReadyBed can be used anywhere, anytime!”
– Taken from their website.

I was a bit concerned at the size of the pump when I opened it, it looked cheap and small however worked great! I was able to pump up the readybed in less than 5 minutes without breaking a sweat. Don’t you just hate air beds that take ages to actually blow up? The ready bed was quick and Ellie didn’t waste any time climbing in. I decided to keep it up and let her get used to it at home before our holiday in the hope it will work and she will actually sleep. Ellie seemed quite excited by it if I am honest, she loved putting George Pig to bed and tucking him in and it was lovely seeing her play so happily.


The ReadyBed comes with an integrated bag which made packing the bed up easier, I rolled it, tucked in the sides and the bag fit straight over it, I didn’t really have to struggle at all which meant when packing the car it slotted in nicely between everything we needed to take with us. Holidays with a toddler means half the car is packed with toys and food so having Ellie’s bed take up no room at all was perfect!

I must say, Ellie didn’t really sleep much better on holiday but she did sleep better than last year when she wouldn’t even sit in a travel cot let alone sleep in one. She used the readybed for her afternoon nap and occasionally settled herself to sleep in it too. She pretty much sat in it whenever we were in the caravan and loved lying down to watch TV.  Her readybed fit perfectly in the main bedroom slotting right by the bed which meant when she did wake up she was right next to us and she didn’t seem to wake feeling as distressed as normal. Due to the fact Ellie used it so much I did need to blow some air back in to it occasionally however since we have been home she has used it every day for naps and it has stayed pumped up.


I would highly recommend these for little ones and Ellie will be using hers at my mums when I go back to work in September for when she does nap in a morning too.

You can find the MyFirstReadyBed here or from Argos


Wife & Mum of 2; Jason born and died 29/03/15 and Ellie born 01/11/16. Hoping to break the silence around baby loss and the journey of parenting a rainbow baby one blog post at a time.

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