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Little Freddie – Review (Gifted)

Happy post awaited our arrival back from our holiday and I was excited to see our Little Freddie food pouches had arrived! I was lucky enough to be gifted a few of their fantastic flavoured pouches for Ellie to try out.

Little Freddie started off with a husband and wife team who wanted better quality food for their own children and they began creating their own recipes that were nutritious and of a high quality but still kept the taste.Their brand has grown from there.


I realise that most people would suggest Ellie shouldn’t be getting her goodness from baby pouches any more however she is a very fussy eater and would only be getting the nutrients she needs from some fruits (mainly bananas) and carrots as she refuses to eat any other vegetable. I find she loves fruit and veg pouches and I have peace of mind that she is getting her 5 a day in some form. I don’t think the age of the child particularly matters if something works and they are enjoying new flavours and tastes then great, keep going. I don’t plan on not using these pouches in the future, they are ideal for days out and lunch boxes and Ellie will usually choose one of these over any unhealthy snack.

Back to our Freddie pouches. As with most fruit pouches, Little Freddie currently cater for stages 4months, 6 months and 7 months and although Ellie is 20 months old she has never tried some of their ingredients and probably wouldn’t do now either if I put them on a plate. We were sent a mixture of their 4+ and 6+ pouches and they have been perfect for our summer days out as I’ve not had to worry about packing sandwiches and have them get squashed.


I am a sucker for packaging and pretty designs and I loved the box the pouches arrived in, I loved that the pouches were neatly placed and it even came with a personal handwritten card which was a lovely touch and shows just how much Little Freddie means to it’s owners and employees. They had also taken in to account Ellie’s previous diagnosis of CMPI and included a couple of pouches that were dairy free which isn’t as bad and Ellie can now tolerate dairy however in those early stages of weaning I found it so hard and not all packaging is clear to read which meant I stuck to the few products I could trust. Little Freddie clearly label on their packaging what ingredients they use.

They pride themselves on using the best ingredients from across the world that are 100% organic, with no added sugar which as a mum is something I am constantly looking for in Ellie’s food. Of cause I know that homemade is always better but I know all toddlers and babies have phases where they won’t eat what is put in front of them and for Ellie, she sees pouches as a treat/snack rather than a meal and sometimes this is enough.


The Pear and Blackberry yogurt is perfect for those mornings that are too much of a rush or those mornings where Ellie just doesn’t feel like a huge breakfast. What is also great is they are part of the Lactose Free range (something I’ve not noticed any other brand label) which for any mums with kids who have allegies seeing it clearly labelled on the front is a huge selling point! This pouch didn’t last long, Ellie had finished it before I could get a good picture. Now I must admit I have given Ellie pear and blackberries in the past and she wouldn’t touch them let along try them…these pouches have so much flavour that she hadn’t noticed she “didn’t like the fruit inside”.


Unfortunately I had planned to try and get pictures of Ellie trying all her new pouches and see which one was her favourite and which one she wasn’t too keen on…this didn’t happen as she sucked them so quickly I hadn’t had time to get my camera out!


I think the Prunes and Apples flavour was a clear winner as Ellie kept pointing to the empty pouch and asking for more, prunes aren’t a fruit I would have even thought of giving Ellie when first weaning so I was surprised that she seemed to enjoy that particular flavour so much.
We are yet to try the Spinach, Peas and Apple pouch but I’ve been saving that for our day trip to Chester Zoo on Sunday as I know she will at least have something healthy and nutritious while we are out.

Little Freddie pouches can be bought from Ocado, Amazon or their own website Little Freddie UK


Wife & Mum of 2; Jason born and died 29/03/15 and Ellie born 01/11/16. Hoping to break the silence around baby loss and the journey of parenting a rainbow baby one blog post at a time.

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