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Prestatyn Sands Holiday Park

Months ago I decided I’d treat us to a holiday, I couldn’t afford much as I am only working part-time so thought I’d try the Sun Holidays as I’ve heard so many good things. I found a holiday park fairly close to where we’ve stayed the past few years which was only going to cost £112 for 4 nights which I knew was cheap for a break away in the Summer Holidays. So I booked our 4 night stay at Pontins.

In the months that followed I’d started seeing bad reviews for the site and was feeling really anxious about it all. I did some research but wherever I looked the bad reviews outweighed the good by quite a lot. Its the first holiday I have paid for without Luke’s help and I wanted it to be perfect. I was started to feel quite sick at the thought of us going and contemplated just cancelling and losing the money I’d paid.

I do want to say that you shouldn’t believe EVERYTHING you read on review sites but I am glad I did my research otherwise I’d have been so disappointed when we arrived.

My following review is an honest account of my stay at Pontins Prestatyn Sands and I have written it because I wanted to show what I thought of the park and our apartment.

Upon arrival at the park my first thought was that it all looked a bit run down and in need of an upgrade to modernise it. We arrived around 5pm and found check in quite quick compared to what I had read however it felt very unorganised. We were given our keys and our electric key. I was under the impression that we would need to pay for the electric (which I was annoyed at as this wasn’t stated when booking via The Sun) however I was told our electric was part of the deal and when we ran out we were given extra electric cards for free.

Our apartment was on the second floor of one of the apartment blocks which, quite honestly, looked like they needed rebuilding. Our apartment definitely needed some work doing to it but it wasn’t as bad as I was imagining.
The outside looked dirty but there was so many seagulls I wasn’t surprised. Our apartment looked clean at first sight and I felt quite relieved. The bathroom looked fairly new and clean and so did the kitchen. The appliances were basic but clean and working. It wasn’t until I looked a bit closer that I’d realised the floors hadn’t been cleaned at all. I always take some cleaning products with me so I was prepared to do a little bit of cleaning but there wasn’t anything in the apartment to clean the floor so we had to make do with a small dustpan and brush. I also noticed there was crumbs and bits on the sofa which I wiped before letting Ellie sit down and the paint on the walls had been damaged in places. I reminded myself that we paid just over £100 and it wasn’t going to be anything special but I wished it had been cleaned before we arrived. The curtains all had scissor cuts in them which when we walked around the park seemed quite common in lots of rooms and our curtain rail was falling off.
Everything was just a bit “off”.

We stayed the 4 nights but didn’t use any of the facilities. We decided to use the room as a base point and visit places around it instead. Not the calm, relaxing holiday I wanted however we had a much better time when we were busy exploring. We drove to Llandudno and walked on the pier and enjoyed the arcades; we drove to Conwy and returned to a National Trust site we went to last year which was beautiful; we also took a walk along Talacre and Barky beach.

We made the most of the holiday knowing it didn’t cost up half as much as holiday parks charge for Summer.


Wife & Mum of 2; Jason born and died 29/03/15 and Ellie born 01/11/16. Hoping to break the silence around baby loss and the journey of parenting a rainbow baby one blog post at a time.

2 thoughts on “Pontins

  1. I went to Talacre holiday park this year, sounds like it is not that far away from where you went. The carvans are all in rows so you don’t get a nice view but the actual facilities and everything are nice and it has a nice swimming pool, park and restaurant. I usually go with Hoseasons and haven’t been disappointed yet, I usually keep a look out for low prices 😊 x

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    1. Talacre wasn’t far from us at all, think it was a 10 minute drive. We took Ellie to the beach to see the lighthouse, it was lovely. Will keep n eye out for them next year, thanks lovely xx

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