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Baby Led Spreads – Review (Gifted)

I had been following Baby Led Spreads on Instagram for quite a while but hadn’t ordered anything seeing as Ellie is past the stage of spreads and purees but I loved their flavours so much.

Baby Led Spreads are designed for baby led weaning however after talking to Keith, dad to 2, it became clear that there was room for these spreads in the wider market too and so I agreed to test them out on Ellie, who is now 21 months. We were gifted a set of 6 jars; one of each flavour.


I wish I had known about these spreads when I first started BLW as it would have made life so much easier, when ordered it is clear which spreads contain dairy and which don’t, again would have made weaning our CMPI baby easier. All of the spreads are suitable for vegetarians and are suitable from 6months+. Baby Led Spreads come in six different flavours; ‘Spicy Pumpkin and Chickpea’, ‘Carrot, Apple and Hummus’, ‘Ricotta & Bean’, ‘Green Pea, Rocket and Dill’, ‘Red Lentil and Sweet Potato’ and ‘Avocado, Red pepper and Tomato.”

I have loved experimenting with the flavours and trying new things. Ellie is on the whole a good eater but it’s been hard getting her to eat vegetables unless in pouch form. These spreads meant she was trying new flavours without knowing it. I can honestly say the spreads were so versatile, I could use them straight from the jar as dips, toast topping, sandwich fillers but I could also include them in main meals.

While I love that this brand has come from the love a father has for his daughter and wants the very best for her, including what she eats, I also love that they support the charity Bliss by donating 30p for every pack of 9 jars sold and 60p for every pack of 18 jars sold.

You can purchase either an 18 pack of jars or a 9 pack of jars via Baby Led Spreads
9 pack is £6.50 (72p each) or the 18 pack is £12 (67p each).