Parenting is hard.
Parenting after dealing with the loss of your child is harder.

This is my world.
I am mummy to a beautiful girl who was born on 1st November 2016. I am also mummy to a gorgeous boy who was born on 29th March 2015.

Sadly my Son died shortly after birth and I live every day knowing he is no longer with me.

The quote above is so very true, I am so lucky to have my Rainbow, Ellie, she is my sunshine and really does make my life happy again. A happiness I never thought possible when Jason died.

I grieve for my Son every day but I know I must live my life for both of my children and neither deserves to be second best to the other. I live to share Jason’s name and his story and hope to share my experiences of Baby Loss along the way. I also live to embrace my daughter and take in every single moment I have with her because I fully understand that life is short and nothing is guaranteed.

I hope you join me and my family in our journey. I hope this blog will give others the strength to talk about their children, living or not and break the silence that still hovers around baby loss. More than anything I hope this blog gives me a release for my grief but also for me to share the joys of what being a mother is. It isn’t at all how I imagined it but I will always try to be the best I can.

My world is broken but my family keeps me going.
I will always be grateful for them.