Somewhere After The Rainbow

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When I started my blog I felt like it needed to be a safe place to write about my feelings on life after loss but also how it felt being a mother to a living child. Through my blog I have felt a sense of pride, for talking about both my children in a way that I probably wouldn’t feel comfortable doing in public.

I have met many courageous parents who share their story of the own children, their loss and their rainbows so honestly and openly and it is because of them that I felt able to share my story too.

I don’t know where this part of Mothering A Rainbow will go however I am excited to have such wonderful guests coming up in this guest series and I hope you enjoy getting to know them as much as I have.

A rainbow is a promise
of sunshine after rain
of calm after storm
of joy after sadness
of peace after pain
of love after loss

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