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Primary School Offer Day

In an ideal world I'd have been one of those nervous parents waiting to find out what school my boy had gotten in to. In an ideal world he'd have been accepted to the primary school where I work! In an ideal world I'd already have his uniform, or parts of it in preparation and… Continue reading Primary School Offer Day

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Miles In Memory

Throughout October we remember: All the babies born sleeping. Those we've carried but never met. Those we've held but could not take home. The ones that came home but could not stay. Help break the silence. Help remember our Angels. October is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month and on the 15th the whole… Continue reading Miles In Memory

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Pregnancy Announcements After Loss…

Everyone deals with loss differently. Everyone deals with social situations differently. For me, when a pregnancy announcement has been made I feel a stab in my chest, I have to catch my breath and I feel anger. Not anger towards the person making the announcement, don't misread what I type, I am usually genuinely happy… Continue reading Pregnancy Announcements After Loss…