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MooGoo – Review

Ever since Ellie was a newborn she has suffered with dry, eczema prone, sensitive skin and regularly has breakouts. She gets it from her Dad. Her skin becomes very sore and itchy and can feel quite leathery at its worst. We’ve tried lots of creams in the past and although they all seem to work in the short term, eventually her skin becomes immune to it and it makes no difference.

We have very kindly been gifted MooGoo’s Soothing MSM Moisturiser to try out and have been using it for just over a week now and i’ve been really surprised by the results in such a short amount of time! The moisturiser is suitable for babies and adults and we’ve all been fighting over it in our house!

First of all, since Ellie’s early diagnosis of CMPI i’ve always been weary of creams that contain ingredients such as cow’s milk and other dairy products. We are lucky that her CMPI doesn’t affect her too much now and she is able to tolerate more dairy products but I still look for products that are dairy free. Despite the name “MooGoo” their products including their MSM Moisturiser is dairy free which is great for us! Their products are free of Paraffin, Paraben and Phenoxyethanol which can be found in other creams suitable for babies and are completely natural.

Recently Ellie’s eczema and dry skin has flared up, due to the spring/summer weather we’ve been having and although she’s got a steroid cream prescribed I try not to use that very often so I reached for our sample of MSM moisturiser and after a few days it has started to calm down, it’s less itchy and doesn’t stink when we apply it (which other creams can do). It’s really simple to apply; apply to damp skin after a bath and then as often as required. This has now become as much as a routine to her as anything else she loves the independence of rubbing it in herself too which I feel content in the knowledge it is safe for her to do.

When applied it’s left our skin feeling refreshed, moisturised and so soft! I don’t suffer with dry skin or eczema but have been using the cream on my face and it’s so much softer and feels great! It smells amazing too, with ingredients such as sweet almond oils and coconut oils as well as honey and aloe vera you can just imagine how great it smells on your skin!

I will definitely be using MooGoo again and would 100% recommend it to anyone wanting a lightweight moisturiser!

You can of cause find out more about MooGoo and purchase their products at

You can also purchase MooGoo for yourself from Holland & Barrett, Wholefoods Market and independent pharmacies.

Disclosure: I was gifted a sample of MooGoo’s Natural Soothing MSM Moisturiser in exchange for an honest review. All views and opinions are my own based on our use of the product.

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I’m the sort of parent who seems to have her camera on all the time. I’m always trying to take a picture of Ellie. Part of it is because I know how important photographs are more so since losing Jason and only having a certain amount of pictures of him and never being able to take more but also because I am the sort of person who just takes hundreds of pictures! I remember coming back from a weekend break with Luke and having over 2000 pictures to sort through!

I’m also the sort of person who likes these pictures in the physical form and not just on her phone. So I was very excited when I was offered a collaboration with who were very generous in giving me £50 to spend as I wished!

It didn’t take me long to know I definitely wanted to order a canvas, after reading some of their customer reviews my mind was made up! My living room has quite a large chimney breast wall so I opted for the 60cm x 40cm print (this also was the best fit to the dimensions of the photo I chose). The ordering process was really straightforward, I simply uploaded the photo I wanted, chose the canvas size and entered my details. I liked the fact I could customise my canvas by choosing the frame thickness and what the edging looked like.

For my canvas I chose the 2cm thicnkness and to have a white edge instead of the photo being stretched. There is also the option to add text to the canvas however I did not do this.

The canvas print now hangs proudly above our sofa and takes pride of place on our wall. It’s lovely to walk in and see them. The photo quality is great, even with pictures taken on my mobile and they are so light they hang on the wall with a single nail. The canvas itself is made from spruce wood making it sturdy enough to support the canvas print.

As well as canvas prints also offers a range of photo gifts such as personalised cushion, blankets mugs and even towels! I also chose to order one of their personalised photo puzzles to include in Ellie’s Christmas Eve box. I used a picture taken of our family visiting Santa as I knew it would be a special puzzle we can do at Christmas for years to come. The puzzle is made from a sturdy cardboard and is complete with a glossy finish. There are 88 pieces stamped with a photo of your own choice.

I would highly recommend and I am already planning to use them again for birthday presents for both our parents within the year. If you’d like to check them out yourself I’ll drop their social media links below 🙂


Disclosure: I was gifted a gift voucher to purchase a product of choice by in exchange for an honest review. All views, photographs and opinions are my own.

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Cookie Dough Kids

When Ellie needs new clothes I try and shop small as much as I can but it isn’t always easy to do. Shopping small means you are giving someone else a paycheck but with that usually means products are sometimes more expensive BUT they are handmade, take more time than mass-produced clothing and have so much love poured in to them.

I was recently approached by Kirsty from Cookie Dough Kids via my Instagram page who wanted to send Ellie a t-shirt of our choice for an honest review. Of cause with Ellie just turning 3 and her clothes are no longer fitting I jumped at the chance! While browsing the website I found myself struggling to choose a t-shirt…there were so many wonderful designs I could have picked all of them! I decided to go for a personalised tee that shouted out Ellie from the minute I saw it. Not only were there lots of designs to decide on, I then had the task of choosing the colour of the tee and the colour of the text! I’m such an indecisive person that I messaged Kirsty and asked her to send us a surprise, I do love surprises when our happy post arrives and fully trusted Kirsty to make the decision for me. She knows her products and her customers so well that it made sense to me.

Daddy and Ellie #besties

Our t-shirt arrived in great time which considering the prints are all handmade and needed to be personalised I was really surprised!
It was packaged well, wrapped in beautiful tissue paper. The t-shirt itself is great quality, slightly big on Ellie but as she’s only just sized up gives her plenty of room to grow and means she’ll get lots of wear out of it. It’s machine washable, which considering as soon as Ellie got dressed she had her chocolate from the advent calendar and got chocolate on it (ARGH!!) was a life-saver. I’ve washed it and the chocolate has come out and the print hasn’t faded or cracked either!

You can get your own custom design or one of their many designs over on their website or you can check out their instagram where you could DM Kirsty and have a chat with her about what you’re looking for.

Disclosure: I was gifted the t-shirt by Cookie Dough Kids in exchange for an honest review. All views and opinions are my own.