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ChocFace – Review

Is there anybody who doesn’t love receiving a chocolatey gift? Birthdays…chocs, Valentines…chocolates, Anniversaries…chocolate covered strawberries…Mothers Day…chocolates with your face on them!
Do you ever get the feeling you buy the same supermarket chocolates over and over again? How about a change…

I recently received a custom “make your own” photo chocolate box from ChocFace which arrived yesterday – just in time for Mothers Day! I was pleased to see that although posted through the letterbox there was no damage to the chocolates inside and the picture quality looks fantastic.

Who are ChocFace?

ChocFace are a small business in Derbyshire where they manufacture the chocolate in a bakery thats been in the family for generations. The team also consists of a remote team based in the Orkney Islands that deals with the artwork and the technical parts of the product. The small business opened shop in December 2020 – a time where personalised gifts that can be sent straight to the recipient was in demand more than ever!

Whats in the box?

There are 6 chocolates in a box, 5 smaller ones and a larger one. The chocolates consist of a belgian chocolate base, a white chocolate layer and then finished off with a chocolate photo printed on the top in edible colour. The box is a DVD sized box which fits perfectly through the letter box which can also include a personal message (make your own boxes only) to make the gift even more special.


Its so easy to add your own photos to your box – you can upload up to 6 different images or just have 6 chocolates with the same image. You have full control over which image goes in the bigger chocolate and where the others go too. With quick delivery (first class Royal Mail) it takes 1-2 days to process the order and then just a few more days depending on Royal Mail.

I can’t wait to gift these to my Mum for Mothers Day – she is absolutely going to love the fact they have Ellie’s face on them – the only question is will she be able to eat them?

Check them out and order on the website
You can also check out their instagram and facebook pages too!

Disclosure – We were gifted a box of chocolates by Chocface however as always all thoughts, opinions and photographs are my own.*

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Being A Mummy

I have been a mummy for 3 years, 11 months and 15 days and I am learning something new every day.

At first being a Mummy meant I had to adjust to being on my own, with no bump, no little flutters, no life growing inside me and no baby in my arms either. It felt very weird considering myself to be a Mum, even though my body grew a fully-formed 35 week baby. 4 years ago today was Mother’s Day, my first being pregnant and my first as a “mummy”. I remember being completely shocked that hubby had gone to the trouble of getting me a card from my bump and a mother’s day present. I wasn’t expecting anything as even then I didn’t really feel like a Mum yet.  I still have my present from that mothers day; a Playstation Messenger bag, it’s tatty, ripped in places and looking rather old but I don’t think I’m ever going to be able to part with it. It is my only proof that I had a Mother’s Day with Jason alive even if he was still cooking away.

The following Mother’s Day was a strange one. I had to “celebrate” it for my own mum, but really didn’t feel like it at all. Luke ended up needing to work and so I was pretty much on my own. No card, no gifts, no recollection of me being a mother at all. Yes people remembered it was going to be a difficult day but once again, I didn’t feel like a Mum. The day after that Mother’s Day I actually found out we were expecting another baby (our rainbow) and realised that Jason had sent me my gift, my second chance of being the Mum I always wanted to be.

My first Mother’s Day with Ellie was a pretty normal day, I didn’t feel like celebrating however this year I did get a card and some daffodils which was perfect. It felt odd for me to celebrate just because Ellie was here, I miss Jason so much that anything where he should be included just feels wrong to carry on with.

We do “celebrate” Mothers Day/Fathers Day but only because I know as Ellie grows up and goes to school things will be made and cards with her handprints will be produced and Ellie will want us to be happy, like all the other parents. I WILL be so eternally happy with anything she makes and brings home because they will be from her but it will always be mixed with a tinge of sadness that I’ll never get anything like this from Jason.

This year’s Mothers Day (UK) falls just 2 days after Jason’s 4th birthday/day he died and I’m not sure how I’m going to manage it. We haven’t planned anything because in all honesty I don’t think I want to do anything. I can’t celebrate being a mum to my children when I never got the chance to celebrate being Jason’s mum or to throw him the 4th birthday party he would have had with his nursery friends.

This year feels very different to previous years, although I don’t want to celebrate it, I feel more like a Mummy to BOTH my children than I ever have before. Ellie is taking an interest in Jason’s picture and saying his name occasionally and that alone is a healthy reminder that he will always be my baby and I will always be his Mummy…just from afar…until one day I can be reunited with him, wherever that may be in the afterlife.

The point I am trying to make from my waffling on is that there is no right or wrong way to deal with these celebrations. Mothers Day can have as much impact on your lives as you want it to. You can ignore it completely like I chose to do in previous years or choose to celebrate the fact that regardless of how many “living” or “dead” children you have, they are yours and you are and will always be their Mum/Dad.