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100 Years of Disney – Plush Toy Review

Do you have a favourite Disney memory growing up?
Or a favourite Disney toy/film from your childhood?

I have been a big Disney fan for as long as I can remember. Growing up in the 90’s Disney was a huge part of my childhood, I remember going to the cinema for the first time to watch The Lion King and it’s been one of my favourites ever since. When Ellie was born I passed on my old Simba plush, which to this day is one of her most favourites. It definitely looks well-loved!

Now Ellie is older, she has developed her own love for all things Disney. I dreamed about the day I’d sit with my own children watching the classics and sharing my passion with them. Now that dream is a reality and most days we watch or read something that is filled with the magic of Disney.

This year Disney is celebrating 100 years – can you believe that?

Disney 100 is a full-year celebration of the Past, Present, and Future of The Walt Disney Company and Simba Smoby UK is proud to be launching its own range of plush toys to celebrate the big occasion and we got our hands on them!

We are so excited to share in the celebrations and we’ve been sent two of the new Disney 100 Plush toys.

Disney 100 Mickey Mouse

The Mickey plush stands at 25cm tall and has super soft fur. Mickey looks exactly as you’d expect with his authentic character features such as his big ears, embroidered eyes and squishy feet! Mickeys attire has had an upgrade though and of cause he needs a cute, sparkly outfit to celebrate 100 years of Disney.

Just look at those sparkly, gold shoes!

Disney 100 Dumbo

We also received the Dumbo plush which made me and Ellie smile so much. Dumbo has a special place in our hearts as we’ve always linked it to being for Jason. This makes Ellie’s new Dumbo even more special as she said she can look after it for her big brother. I just love how easily she includes him in her life. Just like Mickey, Dumbo has satin and sparkly fabrics that make his iconic jumbo sized ears sparkle.

It’s been great introducing Ellie to Disney and watching her find her own favourites.

The other night I was reminded that as a child, would pretend to be Ariel and i’d splash around in the bath like a mermaid – this is something that Ellie has been doing in the bath too, it makes me smile seeing that innocence but also showing just how similar we are.

Disney has this way of bringing the whole family together.

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