About Me

I started Mothering A Rainbow after the birth of my second child. I had dabbled in blogging previously, mostly covering grief and baby loss but wanted to write about happier times as well as the sad. As hard as it is dealing with the death of my Son, I wanted to talk about the happiness that my Rainbow has given us too and my previous blog wasn’t the right place for that.

I blog because I like to, originally I blogged because I hid my true feelings from those closest to me, although it was never anonymous I didn’t make it known that I had a blog. By doing this I thought I was protecting those I loved, I have since learnt that I wasn’t protecting them but actually by hiding my grief I was denying my Son; why should I disguise my love for him when I wouldn’t be expected to do the same for my Daughter? Mothering A Rainbow is a place for me to be open and honest about parenting after loss and parenting in general.


So who am I?
I’m Amy, in my late 20’s, living in Shropshire, West Midlands. I am a geek, I love superheros and video games and have a passion for children’s books!
But most importantly I am a wife and a mum.
I met my husband in 2006 on the social media site Myspace at 15 years old and the rest is history. We moved in together 6 years later and got married in August 2014.

I got pregnant with my first child Jason in July 2014 and became a Mum on 29th March 2015. Jason died shortly after birth due to altercations during labour and health issues.
My second child, Ellie was born on 1st November 2016 and I count myself so lucky that I got to bring her home and learn what being a Mum to a living child is like.

I openly talk about the loss of my Son and the impact that has on daily life for my whole family.

Sometimes I blog and it makes a lot of sense and other times I blog and it’s like an explosion of words on the page that only makes sense to me but if you like what you read then feel free to follow me over on Instagram where I am much more active ❤