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Are you wondering what the perfect Mother’s Day gift to get for your Mum/Mom/Mama/Mam/Partner?

We’ve found 5 gifts that are unique and perfect for that special someone on Mother’s Day.

Check our guide out below!

Family Friendly Festivals in the Midlands

Before the Summer I wasn’t aware that many family friendly festivals existed – I grew up going to Download Festival and having to weave my way through the drunk, mosh-pit raving people and there is no way I’d take Ellie. Last year we enjoyed the family festival scene so much I’ve been looking into what…

100 Years of Disney – Plush Toy Review

Do you have a favourite Disney memory growing up? Or a favourite Disney toy/film from your childhood? I have been a big Disney fan for as long as I can remember. Growing up in the 90’s Disney was a huge part of my childhood, I remember going to the cinema for the first time to…

Trick or Treat with Mashems

If you’re a regular on our Instagram page you may have spotted that we’ve been sent these fantastic New Mash’ems surprise eggs from Character Toys to make our Halloween trick or treating a little more exciting! What are Mash’ems? Mash’ems are blind balls which contain squishy little versions of children’s (and adults!) favourite characters. Unwrap…

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